Sharia Means laws of Islam revealed in the holy Quran translated by Ahadith ( teachings of Holy prophet Muhammad Sallah aleih wasallama) starts with him and then his heirs the four guided Khulafah of Islam known as Khalifa Abubakar Assiddique, Khalifah Umar bin Khataab, Khalifah Uthman Bin Affan, and Khalifah Ali Bin Abi Talib Radia llahu anhum ( may Allah be pleased with them), and then the four Imams of Ahli Sunnah Wal-Jamah starting with Imam Malik , Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Ahmada bin Hambal and Imam Shafie Rahimahum Llah (may Allah have mercy upon them) only one more Imam for all the Ummah is waiting is Imam Mahad sadiqul Amin who is to emerge towards the day of judgement of which all signs promised by prophet Muhammad Sallah aleih wasallama has appeared and expect him to appear any time. So office of the Grand Mufti of South Africa collaborate with world Scholars of Ahli Sunnah wal-Jammah such as Egypt Darul Ifta to guide the Muslim Community in accordance with teachings of Quran and sunnah. Your Most welcome to Contact us for your question about Islam Iman and Ihsaan for authentic fatuwa of Ulamas.  Our Team of qualified Ulamas share knowledge and opinion on a question forwarded from the public or other related issues of deen in the field of Islam, Imaam and Ihsaan and sharia rulling is endorsed by office of the Grand Mufti of South Afrfica then submitted to Department of Transport and communication for public sharing using available communication platforms including this website Fatuwa page. Qualified Ulamas are welcome to submit their cvs to be included in the Council of Muftis ( Majlisil Ulama) from any Country.
Sultan Sheikh Yasin Muhammad Yaqeenu-llah


Grand Mufti of South Africa is Shafie, he is Director Department of Sharia that depends on four Madhahab, Imam Shafie, Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Ahmada hambal, and Imam Malik, aleihim Rahmah) May mercy of allah be upon them. He is in charge of observation of Sharia application, promotion and protection. he is the head of all Muftis and Imams, he is chairman Council of Sheikhs ( Majlsil Ulama) responsible for answering questions regarding Islam Iman and Ihsaan and issuance of authentic Fatuwas for issues in Islam that requires Sharia ruling. he is a member of board of trustees, he is Presidsent and CEO , He is final decision maker in the board of directors and board of trustees. Click on this link to see his profile.
Muslim Supreme council of South Africa (MUSCOOSA)


Muslim Supreme Council of South Africa (MUSCOOSA) is National Statutory body in charge of Islam and Muslim affairs of South Africa founded as Non Profit Organisation (NGO) Accredited by Government of South Africa as Council of Chapter 9 Insititution for National and International representation of Islam and Muslim  in accordance with section 36(1)&(2) of the Commissions Founding Act (No.19 of 2002) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.
The organisation administration structure is based on National Structure of the National Government of South Africa, Departments are managed by directors and secretaries. There are provincial Muftis, Municiple and District Qadhis of every Province who works in Department of Sharia, President as CEO and main deciestion make who is also Grand Mufti of South Africa, Secretariat managed by General secretary, Board of directors and Boord of Trustees.
Office of the Grand Mufti of South Africa


Office of the Grand Mufti of South Africa was established and Inaugurated in accordance with founding laws of the organization upon registration and acknowledgement by government of South Africa. Qualified Sheikh was appointed to serve in this office as Grand Mufti of South Africa who is President of the organization as director department of Sharia and chairman council of Sheikhs ( Majlisi Ulama). 


The Council of Sheikhs is Comprised of Ulamas qualified to academic level of Mufti, they have permanent seats in the office of the Grand Mufti of South Africa , and they are chosen to serve in the community as Provincial Muftis, District and Municiple Qadhis in Towns of South Africa. This council of Sheikhs is responsible for Issuing Fatuwas in collaboration approach and they are renuminared as voluntary workers of the council. If you wanty to become a member of Council of sheikhs from any country in the world submit your cvs by email, see contact us page. Wabillah Tawfique.