Official release of Salatul Arshiy or Darood Arshi

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Bismillah Rahman Raheem, alhamdu lillah Rabil alameen wasalaat wassalam ala abdika warasulika Muhammad salla llah aleih wasallama, All praise due to Allah , blessings and salution we convey upon his servant and messenger Muhammad saluted and blessed by Allah. As a reader , you must wondering want kind of a moon getting full to light us from our darkness , that moon is our beloved prophet Muhammad sallah aleih wasallama sent to all people of the world as mercy to the entire universe.

The days if his birth on earth are approaching, its time for us believers to get ready to embrace the full moon and celebrate in remembrance of his message of light he brought to entire humanity that has saved us from darkness to light.


I can lecture about other topics but i fail when i start to teach about Nabi Sallah aleih wasallama out of love i have got for him, as soon as i start to teach about him i start to tremble , can not stop tears comming out of my eyes every second because i cant explain his greatness that i know about him , there are no words on earth of any language that explain who is Nabi Muhammad sallah aleih wasallama, all that i do to make me feel contented is to send more salutations and blessings about him more tha teaching about Him. This year is not like any other years, i have been given something new to give sincere lovers of nabi Kareem sallah aleih wasallama by Sayidina Jibrael aleih salaam called "Salatul Arshiy" we can say "Darood Arshy". Allah Akbar, i have few words to say but more salawat and salaams to send to him and to pray to Allah Subhanahu Wataala for blessings and salutations upon him our most beloved.

In the Green dome, Here his blessed body of light was laid and above Verses are commands of Allah Subhanahu Wataala measuring Imam (Faith) of those who say they believe in Him as a Messenger of Allah. in the verse Allah says in Surat Al-Imraan 31-32:

Say ( Allah is ordering him to tell believers that) if you indeed love Allah follow me Allah will love and forgive your sins, Allah is indeed most forgiving and Most Merciful. Say , Obey Allah and obey the messenger, but if you refuse, indeed Allah do not love disbelievers. 

Loving Nabi Sallah aleih wasallama is not a choice but a command of Allah Subhanahu Wataala, in the verses above, yes He is only a serevant of Allah but Allah said He loves him , if you love Allah and you want Allah to love you must follow him and obey him. Then Allah Subhanahu Wataala ordered how believers must express their love to our beloved Nabi Muhammad Sallah aleih wasallama and he commnded in Quran surat Al-Ahzaab (C:33:56)

Indeed Allah and His Angels Bless upon Nabi Muhammad, or you who  believe , pray for his blessings and salute him with total submition.

This is a command of Allah Subhanahu Wataala to measure level of Iman of believers , what we do with that love we have for him. If you love some one so much, shyness disappear and just face the fate what ever happens even if it means to loose life because of love.  alhamdulillah am joyfully share my exprince so that you may wake up from sleeping in dangeons of Shaytan that has kept some of you in shakles and chains in the way of reading forbidden books of non believers they wrote for believers to change our faith and they told you do not love Nabi so muc and do not celebrate his birth, instead celebrate holidays, national anthems ofr countries, weddings, but do not do anything that make you happy in relation to Nabi sallah aleih wasallama. 

Those who are guided and rejected satanic call of abandoning expression of love of Nabi Muhammad sallah aleih wasallama,. this is for you: Alhamdu lillah i have this good news for the Ummah, out of love Allah Subhanahu Wataala and his messenger Nabi Muhammad sallah aleih wasallam, naking excessive dhikir and praying for salutation and blessings upon Nabi muhammad sallah llah aleih wasallama,. i reached the level of talking to Angels and among them happened to be Sayidina Jibrael aleih salaam with a message for the entire Ummah that Allah's help has come but believers must unite and love each other, he taught me sacred knowledge no one ever known befor and that includes the books we have written named Sultan Rahman in which we have written "salatul Arshgiy or "Darood Arshiy" as another most and highest salams and salawat upon Nabi Sallah llah aleih wasallama with so much of benefits , get a copy by following this link:

For those who knows Arabic, they will tel;l you benefits of this special darood or salams and salawaats upon Nabi sallah llah aleih wasallama. This page has a pasword, you must contact us to get a password, we want to share this gift only with those who believe and love Nabi sallah aleih wasallama.